EdTech 506 – Typography

Gilin Typography

Users: The users are high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors, ages 15-18 that should all be at, or about at grade reading level. A majority of students will have seen all four of these used in some way, but perhaps not in the context as related to marketing.

Why Will These Work?: For all four words, I tried to match each font with the meaning of the words, which was suggested in the text (Lohr, 2008, pg. 214).

Time: For the word time, I chose to create the word as it would be displayed digitally, such as how time is shown on digital clock. In marketing terms, time is one of the 5 economic utilities and refers to “having a product or service available at a certain time of year or a convenient time of day” (Farese, Kimbrell, & Woloszyk, 2012, pg. 14).

Target: For the word target, I decided to use a visual that resonates well with what I think of as a target. For me, I think of a bulls-eye on a dart board so I used vector shapes in Fireworks to create this within the letter “g.” I choose to place it on this letter because it is in the middle of the word, just as it is on a dart board. In marketing terms, a target market is “the group that is identified for a specific marketing program” (Farese, et al., 2012, pg. 18).

Price: For the word price, I incorporated the cents symbol to replace the letter “c.” In addition, I changed the color of the cents symbol to green to add contrast and symbolize money, which is commonly associated with the color green (Lohr, 2008, pg. 215). In marketing terms, price is “what is exchanged for a product,” and is one of the 4 P’s of marketing (Farese, et al. 2012, pg. 21).

Segmentation: For the word segmentation, I chose to break the word into 3 different “segments,” by changing the colors. After completing the user test, I decided to break the word into chunks and utilized proximity by adding the space to emphasize the reasoning for each color change (Lohr, 2008, pg. 215). In marketing terms, market segmentation is “the process of classifying people who form a given market into even smaller groups,” which I feel is displayed well here (Farese, et al., 2012, pg. 43).

User Test: I had my friend look at the four words and she thought they displayed the words well and that the goal of making the words look like their meanings was achieved. As mentioned, she made the suggestion to break up the word segmentation by adding spaces each time I changed the colors.

Changes: I made changes to the word segmentation by adding in the spaces where appropriate. I had a hard time deciding which fonts to use for target and segmentation and would be open to any suggestions for fonts that would exemplify their meanings even more!


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