EdTech 543: Live Virtual PD!

Over the last few modules, we were assigned to attend 8 live PD events: 4 Twitter chats and 4 Webinars. I was very interested to see what I would think of these live events and ended up getting a lot out of each! The Twitter chats were honestly a lot of fun, I had no idea that an hour could fly by so fast! Here is a PowerPoint of screenshots of my participation!

#edchat: (Participated on 10/4/16). This was my first Twitter chat. There were two moderators and several participants. The question for the night was “Many educators are dissatisfied with PD. What are the specific shortcomings of PD as you know it?” To begin, I used TweetDeck, but still found it hard to keep up and read what everyone was saying all while replying to the different responses that were coming in at rapid fire! It was also difficult to filter out Tweets that were not intended for the specific #edchat, but rather came up as people unaware of the chat posted and used the hashtag. Although somewhat beneficial to discuss, there wasn’t a lot of organization with the chat and we kind of just rambled the whole time. I contributed by saying that the best PD that I have been to was when we went to different stations and learned about resources/tips from our teacher colleagues. It was interesting to hear about the amount of people who feel as though their district’s PD is not beneficial to them. See the archive for the Twitter chat here!

#busedu: (Participated on 10/4/16). This Twitter chat was AWESOME! It was moderated by Sean Crevier and Nebraska native Mickie Mueller.This chat was very well organized and engaging, explaining chat norms of using Q1, A2, etc. for responses to each question. The moderators made the chat very fun and even included a brain break! In the end, they gave out a prize, Mickie archived the chat and sent it to us which was awesome! Through this chat I gained multiple new resources that I can use in my classroom and also expanded my PLN to new business educators (and joined a BusEd Facebook group!) Looking forward to participating in this chat again each month! See the archive for the Twitter chat here!

#21stedchat: (Participated on 10/16/16). I heard about this chat from other #EdTechSN students via Twitter and thought that it would be a great one to participate in! Like the #busedu chat, this chat was well organized with the Q1, A1 format with different questions asked. I got some really great edtech resources and am very excited to look at some of the apps that people suggested. One specifically is called Aww, which is an app that is an interactive whiteboard. I think this would be great to use in my classroom as a quick way to check for understanding. Another app that I am going to check out is Explain Everything. It has similar features and I am going to compare the two to see which would work better in my classroom. Very beneficial chat with numerous resources that I had no idea about! See the archive for the Twitter chat here!

#formativechat: (Participated on 10/17/16) This chat was great! There were 3 main questions that really made me think about formative assessment, what grade reports REALLY mean, and what we as teachers can do to not only help students, but communicate with parents as well. I had originally planned on participating in the #edtechchat, and as I was waiting for it to begin I stumbled upon this one! Not only do I have a new resource to check out (Formative), but I was also introduced to the site Participation Learning that made keeping up with the chat super easy! Below are the three questions that we discussed during the chat. See the archive for the Twitter chat here!


In the beginning, I struggled to find free, educational Webinars that were relevant to me and fit into my schedule as many occur between 1-3 pm CT when I am teaching. Here is a summary of each Webinar that I attended. All Webinars were through edWeb.

What’s the Fuss All About? Bringing Social Media into the Classroom (Participated on 10/5/16): I really enjoyed this Webinar and came away with some great new resources that I am excited to try out! This Webinar was presented by Jennifer Smith, Instructional Technology Coach at South Middle School in Arlington Heights, IL. There were over 200 people participating in this Webinar and the conversation was very beneficial. We collaborated about technology and social media tools that we currently use in our schools and Jennifer gave us additional resources. Ideas included using Tadpoles, Edmodo, Seesaw, Schoolology, and Animoto. I had not heard of many of these. Jennifer then discussed simple ways to use social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter in the classroom for things such as sharing work or exit tickets. This was exciting as I was able to contribute by explaining way that I currently use social media in my classroom. This was one of my favorite Webinars! Here is the webinar chat log to show my contributions during the Webinar and my participation certificate.

Fostering Understanding, Empathy, and Dialogue in Our Students (Participated on 10/10/16): The title of this Webinar was a little deceiving. My understand was that we were going to understand tips to foster understanding, empathy, and dialogue with our students. I was excited for this because I feel like these are characteristics that many students in this generation are lacking greatly. However, the Webinar was still beneficial and was presented by Generation Global. The presenters discussed the FREE resources that connect students to one another in classrooms all around the world. This is done via videoconferencing and takes students beyond the classroom and textbook. Each video conference is moderated by a trained Generation Global facilitator. This would be very cool for my own marketing classes in order to connect with students in a different country and learn more about international business. Here is the the webinar chat log to show my contributions during the Webinar and my participation certificate.

Building Brand Loyalty for K-12 Public Schools (Participated on 10/13/16): This was my other favorite webinar and it discussed the importance of building brand loyalty in public schools. It was presented by Teri Wilson, who is the Chief of Staff for the Grand Prairie Independent School District in Texas. She compared the image of school district to the importance of having a positive brand image for a company or product. This was awesome coming from a marketing teacher standpoint! Wilson discussed how they go about training their staff to represent their “brand” and that it only takes one bad moment from one person to tarnish the reputation. In addition, she discussed how they market and advertise their school to parents and future students. This was an excellent Webinar and I really enjoyed attending! Here is the webinar chat log log to show my contributions during the Webinar and my participation certificate.

Leading for Writing Fluency: Language and Basic Skills Fluency for Argumentation and Editing (Participated on 10/17/16). I was surprised how much I got out of this Webinar! It was presented by Kevin Bard. He broke down the writing process and gave great tips! He discussed the importance of teaching students to analyze vocabulary before they can understand the text as a whole. He expressed the importance of having a solid prompt for students to write about. Something interesting that he discussed is that writing should be collaborative. I had never thought of writing in this way. I asked the question of “how do you make sure that these groups are productive?” He answered by making sure that the topic is rigorous and that you have high expectations set in place for such collaborations. Finally, he gave all participants access to numerous writing prompts and the resource IXL that gives micro skills and practices for students of all ages. Here is the webinar chat log! My participation certificate will be in tomorrow 🙂

Overall, I feel as though my brain is currently overloaded with new ideas and resources, but I really enjoyed the different types of live PD that I participated in! I gained a lot from the live Twitter chats including resources, insights, ideas, and new people to follow and expand my PLN. I am excited to participate in Twitter chats in the future. They are quick and easy ways to learn something valuable in a short amount of time! The Webinars were also a good way to expand your resources, knowledge, and PLN. I would definitely suggest Twitter chats and Webinars other teachers!

EdTech 543: Tweet Deck Hashtags

gilin-tweet-deckI really enjoyed exploring and becoming more comfortable with the features of Tweet Deck and searching for hashtags that would benefit my content area. There were many great hashtags that I explored, but decided on the following 5 as the winners. #edtech #busedchat #pbl #deca and #marketing

I have learned a lot by reading the posts in these categories and had a hard time keeping up, as many are updated every second with something new! 3 things that I learned while exploring the hashtags are:

  1. I learned that there are lots of great resources and class conversation starters in the #busedchat section that I had no idea existed. Many Tweets related directly to current business events happening in the real world! I also learned about edpuzzle.com which allows you to create videos for class and add notes and questions along the way. This will be a cool resources to bring more technology into the classroom.
  2. I learned that looking at specific hashtags can take you to resourceful articles such as What Students Really Remember Learning in School from the #pbl category. This insightful article discusses that the things students remember are the ones that are meaningful and aren’t just strictly memorization, but rather, have application to real life. This is something good to remember and implement in my own classroom.
  3. Finally, I learned about a great resource to follow @MarketingResul2 that tweets daily tips, articles, and infographics that relate to marketing! I can’t wait to use this as a resource in my classroom and share some of these tweets with my students!

I love the idea of using Twitter as professional development. It is convenient, easy to navigate, I can search for exactly what I’m looking for through popular hashtags, all while connecting with different users across the globe! I also like that it is on my own time. I can do it whenever I want and some sort of information will always be there! Another great thing about using Twitter for professional development is that it is current and updating every second! How awesome! Finally, I love that everything is limited to 140 characters. This allows you to decide quickly if it is something that your are interested in reading more about or if you are going to pass it by, which is a huge time saver for the busy teacher! I am looking forward to exploring the hashtags that I have chosen and utilizing Tweet Deck to keep up!