EdTech 506: Organization

Gilin Organization

Users: The users are high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors, ages 15-18 that should all be at, or about at grade reading level. Students will have most likely heard of “lower prices” and “new and improved products,” but probably have not heard of “economic utility” at this time.

Why Will These Work?: This image was created to help students understand the 3 economic benefits of marketing. Ch. 6 helped me better understand organization through hierarchy. I wanted to organize the information using shapes and cues – which are “a form of hierarchy that uses visuals such as arrows, headings, and lines in instructional materials” (Lohr, 2008, pg. 123). I wanted to be a little more creative than using arrows and lines so I used dotted lines to direct the learner to each economic benefit of utility. I also wanted to create a direction of the students’ eye when reading the graphic. “By placing important information onto a horizontal or vertical alignment, it is more likely to be noticed” (Lohr, 2008, pg. 128). I worked to accomplish this by placing the most important information at the top and then include the three benefits below. The user will use the vertical and horizontal alignment to direct their eye, top, then left to right. I used figure 6-4 on page 129 for inspiration. I tried to incorporate some nice colors and use of shapes as well and really enjoyed this assignment!

User Test/Changes: Originally, I did not have the black box around the “Economic Benefits of Marketing” title. After the user test, my friend mentioned that I should ad this in to make the groupings and hierarchy clearer. I really like the added contrast between the black and pink as well. She also suggested that I make the dotted lines thicker as they were smaller and had more dots that were not as easy to see. Finally, I ended up changing the fonts in each circle, because I felt it was blurry and looked a little hard to read. All changes have been updated and I am really pleased with the final visual! Please let me know if you have any further feedback.


Lohr, L. (2008). Creating graphics for learning and performance (2nd ed.).  Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson Education.