Tech Trends: BYOD + Kahoot!

For this assignment, I chose to research the tech trend Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). I wrote a paper discussing the advantages as well as the challenges of implementing this trend. In addition, I explored a quiz tool called Kahoot! that can be used with BYOD. Kahoot! allows for interactive learning in a fun and easy way in any classroom, subject, or grade level! This tool is so great and I plan to implement portions of the trend such as a having a “BYOD Friday” in class and definitely will be using Kahoot! Please read my tech trends paper and see below to explore what BYOD and Kahoot! are all about!

Watch the video How to Play a Game of Kahoot! and then follow the steps to sign up for a free account and play my practice quiz!

1.) Click on this link: Get a Kahoot! Click on the purple square that says Get My Free Account. Choose your role (I am a teacher). Fill out the information and then click Get an Account.

2.) Now you can use this to create your own Kahoot! quizzes!

3.) Play my EDTECH 501 practice quiz!

*Note: you will need 2 devices to do this (laptop/iPad and smartphone). Normally the first device would be the teacher displaying it on the board in the classroom and the students using their own device. Since I do not have all of you currently in my class, try it this way if you have multiple devices! I used my laptop for the game and then used my smartphone for my responses.

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