EdTech 502 Reflection

This course was quite challenging, but I ended up getting so much out of it! I learned how to create web pages using HTML code. I learned so many new terms such as HTML, CSS, tags, divs, the list could go on forever!  The instructor was always helpful and encouraging. My favorite assignments were creating the interactive concept map page, the EdTech homepage, and the virtual tour page. What I loved about this class was that it was a build up of learning and everything that was learned was applied to future assignments. The instructional videos were an interactive way of learning that allowed you to “learn as you go.” I did struggle with the course at times and it was frustrating when I couldn’t quite figure something out or was unable to validate certain pages due to errors. Hours upon hours were spent on this course, but in the end I truly learned a lot. Having basic computer programming knowledge and skills is important and I think more people should take the time to learn! Overall, I really enjoyed using templates to create the pages at the end of the semester, and hope to create my own webpage for my classes next year! Check out the pages here.