EdTech 541: Final Reflection

Part 1: Course Reflection:

By taking this course I have learned a lot and will leave with numerous resources that I can begin using in my classroom right away! Before this course, I never imaged all the ways that technology could easily be integrated into education. I have learned the foundations of how to effectively integrate technology by using 21st century software, websites, and tools. In addition, I now know that creating cross-curricular lessons is doable and should be done to enhance learning!

Theories that I learned from reading Integrating Educational Technology into Teaching will go beyond the creation of the course assignments. I now have a clear understanding of how to not only incorporate technology into the classroom, but how to do it effectively. This book will be a great resource as I continue to evolve as an educator and look to utilize technology in education. By reading and learning about each module topic prior to the creation of the assignments, I was easily able to apply what was learned and emulate meaningful lessons to engage my students.

The coursework demonstrates the mastery of the AECT standards very well. Prior to each assignment, I read and learned about the theoretical foundations and completed research to learn more about each topic and explore resources. The assignments required me to create authentic work that will be used in my classroom. Content knowledge and relevant pedagogy was applied and allowed us to evaluate ourselves and our classmates as well. Finally, I reflected on my learning and believe this course will make me a better teacher and more thoughtful in how I use technology in the classroom.

I have grown as professional and as a teacher by becoming more mindful of how I used to use technology in the classroom and how I can improve by using the new resources to stay relevant in a digital age. I have realized that I was quite single-minded when it came to technology. I know have numerous resources and ideas that I can utilize in my classroom and am excited to continue to grow and learn about new technologies. The term life long learner has never seemed so relevant! As an educator, I plan to try to incorporate technology more in the classroom when it is relevant and provides meaningful experiences for my students. I really enjoyed this class and look forward to using the knowledge and resources gained from this course!

Part 2: Blog Performance:

For each blog post, I kept the blog grading rubric in mind. I did my best write thoughtful posts, provide connections to my current content area and real life situations. I referred to the course readings, found meaningful resources that related to each topic and provided further insights. I was careful to site all resources accurately in APA format. I tried to post early in the module, but struggled with this at times, combined with completing other assignments, however I never posted late! I received comments on most of my posts and was able to get thoughtful feedback from others. Finally, I always commented on two of my classmates posts, providing meaningful feedback, how it related to similar things that I experience, and asked questions when necessary. Overall, I think I did a nice job on my blog posts. See below for my self-assessment scores:

  • Content: 66/70
  • Readings & Resources: 19/20
  • Timeliness: 17/20
  • Responses to Other Students: 30/30
  • Overall: 132/140

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