EdTech 513: Project #8: Worked Example Screencast

In order to create this worked example screen cast, I used Camtasia. It worked very well because once I created the PowerPoint, there was an add-in feature available through the program and I was able to record right in PowerPoint! The purpose of this worked example was to teach marketing students how to calculate the costs of a magazine bleed ad. For my worked example, I provided three examples. The first example was completed together, the second was completed through gradual release, and the third required students to do the problem completely on their own. I think it turned out really well!

Some challenges that I faced were the amount of times that I recorded the screen cast to get it just right. Eventually, I ended up writing my presentation script prior to recording, rather than just describing as I went, which worked much better. I enjoyed using Camtasia, but since I used the trial version, the water mark doesn’t look the greatest on my presentation. There are many cool features that could have been added to the presentation, but I chose to keep it simple! See below to view my worked example of how to calculate the costs of a magazine bleed ad!

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