EdTech 543: 10 Tips to Create a Positive Digital Footprint


Image created by Ally Gilin using canva.com

I have had some sort of presence on social media for over a decade, but as I have “grown up” I have definitely become more aware of what I am posting online, especially as an educator. What I post, share in terms of pictures comments, who I follow, etc. all say something about who I am. Although I found multiple helpful tips when researching, I narrowed it down to a shortened list. Above are the 10 tips that I found most important for creating a positive digital footprint. I really enjoyed designing this graphic using Canva.

My hope is that young adults and professionals realize the importance of creating a positive online presence at an early age. I hope my students realize that what may seem “funny” or get the most likes or favorites doesn’t always mean it’s the right thing to post. One post could jeopardize your future – scholarships, job opportunities, and your personal brand image in general. It could also hurt someone’s feelings. Like it or not, our perceptions are heavily reliant on what we see online. Follow these 10 tips and you will be well on your way to creating a positive digital footprint!

6 thoughts on “EdTech 543: 10 Tips to Create a Positive Digital Footprint

  1. Katie Lauritsen says:

    Your post is great! Your tips are to the point and catchy. I like the “Keep it Classy” and how you mention to pay attention regardless of what type of account. These professional and personal accounts can overlap if the right person searches. The “Be Present” tip is great and I had not thought to include a tip about the type of “stuff” you should post. Great suggesting to post engaging information. I had someone else comment on one of my posts about including links and linked images to engage the readers/followers. Your wrap it up so nicely about stating “Have a Plan”! No matter how active you want to be towards your digital footprint, you need a plan! Great post!

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  2. Katie Lauritsen says:


    Your post and tips are excellent! Your tips are cute and to the point. The first one that catches my eye is “Keep it Classy” because it mentions being careful of all accounts and how you share appropriately. Even when you think you are being safe by having a personal and professional account, they can be linked through the right search. What a great suggestion about posting engaging posts and information. I had a conversation with a fellow classmate about including links and linked images can keep your posts my positive and interesting. Lastly, “Have a Plan”, is essential. Regardless of how public you want to be, you need a plan! Great post!


  3. jasminequezada says:

    I appreciate #6-“Don’t rely on privacy”
    Especially for this generation of adults, that don’t know technology as well as others. We think of privacy features as a “safety net” because we don’t know how to BUILD technology, while this newer generation BUILDS technology so they know how to get past them. I know that myself, for a fact, can’t imagine trying to get into others work (when I can’t even find my own!) so we think privacy settings keep us safe. It is great to get a reminder that these features can and often are worked around.

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