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To be honest I really struggled completing this assignment. It was difficult to find sources that allowed you to read the full text (even after logging in the Boise State library) and then it was even more difficult to find the doi of the sites. In addition, the crossref site never pulled up any doi’s for me when I pasted the citation even though I am sure I was doing it correctly! When I did find a good source, many times it was 15-20 pages long! The assignment probably took hours longer than it should have and I am just hoping that I did it correctly. However, despite my frustrations, I did learn a lot. I had never heard of a doi before and it makes sense to include this in your reference rather than a URL. I just wish they were more easily available! In addition, I learned several things regarding APA formatting, another tedious process that is a pain but gets a lot easier once you do it more. I now definitely have a better understanding of how to cite in APA ! Again, I am just hoping that my annotations and citations were done correctly!

Overall, I gained a lot more knowledge on how to properly conduct research and hopefully I will be better at it next time! I really enjoyed all the articles that I read on flipping a classroom and was provided insight on both the advantages and disadvantages of using this type of teaching method. It was also cool to be able to assess the articles and reflect on what I had read. My favorite study that I read involved teaching the educators as if they were students about how to flip a classroom by using the flipped classroom method as a form of professional development. Read Flip my Class! if you are interested! Any feedback or suggestions on my annotations or citations would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

EdTech Research

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