RSS in Education

I really enjoyed the RSS assignment! To be honest, before I began the assignment I was very confused about RSS. The RSS in Plain English video really helped me to better understand its purpose and uses. What an awesome way to keep sites organized and it is so easy to use! I love it! I learned that RSS not only makes following personal sites easier, but would be something great to teach teachers and students how to use it in the classroom (I told my friends about it as well). Teachers would really benefit from knowing about Feedly and integrating it in their lesson plans. Click here to see my video on how to get started and navigate the site!

Something difficult about this assignment was narrowing down the specific unit that I wanted to use for my lesson plan. Being a marketing teacher, I think there are many times that I could incorporate RSS into student learning, that it was hard to choose just one area. I do plan to use this lesson in the future during the promotion and advertising unit of my class. I think kids would really enjoy all the resources and information that they can find by using Feedly! If I had more time to complete this assignment, I would have explored in depth each site that I had my students follow and find more site options that would relate to the assignment.

Here is my lesson plan & rubric using RSS in a high school marketing class!

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