Digital Divide/Digital Inequality

I examined three issues that I found to be applicable to the digital divide in my own computer technology classroom.  This assignment helped me to better understand the digital divide as a whole, as well as applying and searching for solutions in my own school district and classroom.

Even though I have taught students how to create a presentation and the “do’s and don’ts,” I learned a lot and really enjoyed the Presentation Zen handout on multimedia principles. It was helpful when making my own presentation to see from a different perspective what is and is not acceptable. In addition, I found I had a lot more to say than the 6 minutes allowed! This is a topic that could be infinitely expanded.

When thinking of the digital divide, I always pictured it to be the gap in the use of technology between developed and developing countries. I never really examined it from my own classroom point of view. This assignment really helped me to realize how real of an issue it is and how relevant it can be everyday teaching. With this knowledge, I plan to be an advocate at my school. Everyone can notice issues, but it is until we start voicing our thoughts and solutions that something can actually be accomplished.

Even though I spent numerous hours on this assignment, if I had more time there are a few things that I would like to do. I would like to further explore my solutions in detail and also discuss my ideas with those that would have say in solving these issues such as technology specialists, administrators, and school board members.

Link to VoiceThread Presentation – The Digital Divide

Link to Google Slides – The Digital Divide


4 thoughts on “Digital Divide/Digital Inequality

  1. georgebator says:

    I’d never really considered it to be a classroom issue either, but it really is. I forget sometimes that students aren’t necessarily tech savvy, since so many of them are addicted to their phones. I need to remember that just because they’re really good at instagram doesn’t mean they’ll know how to use a spreadsheet.

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    • agilin says:

      Definitely agree! They do think they are tech savvy – and may be, but in a different way. There is a big difference being able to work an iPhone or iPad than navigating a computer. I see this daily in the lack of typing skills that students have. I am lucky to have grown up when smartphones were becoming popular, but still had the experience of using a flip phone. Having computer knowledge and being able to type quickly and accurately has helped me in so many ways, and I don’t think students these days realize the importance. It is unfortunate the lack of basic computer technology skills that some possess, they will be in for a rude awakening in their future!


  2. kristinbreen1 says:

    I too see a lot of the same issues; my students have lost a lot of keyboard skills, but can operate their phones so easily. And my students think I’m some kind of wizard because I can type without looking at my fingers… who knew computer class would have paid off so well!


    • agilin says:

      I think it is so crazy that students don’t have basic typing skills! They can’t believe how that I can type well just as you mentioned. Glad it’s not just the students at my school!


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